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    Social Science Personal Statement Editing & Proofreading Service. Sharpen Your Humanities or Social Sciences Personal Statement.

    Humanities & Social Sciences Essay Editing

    As a compelling admissions essay has become a crucial component of application packets, it is a vital opportunity to stand out from the other applicants. Your ability to articulate your thoughts and vision should be illustrated in a clear but sophisticated way. This is your chance to shine—let EssayEdge help you put distance between you and the competition and catapult you into the school and career of your aspirations. Whether humanities or social sciences, your admissions essay personal statement for graduate school will have a significant impact on your admission decision.

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    An Impressive Humanities Or Social Sciences Statement of Purpose is a Must

    Some applicants to humanities or social sciences programs are tempted to disregard the essay portion of the application, thinking that it can’t be nearly as important as their undergraduate grades, GRE score, and resume. That’s a huge mistake, however, as the personal statement can make or break your application.

    As more and more students graduate with impressive grades and test scores, admissions officials increasingly rely on the personal statement in their admission decisions. It is expected that your personal statement for graduate school will reflect an understanding of who you are and what you have learned—convincingly communicating your passion for your area of expertise. It should express your clear grasp of your chosen field, as well as your suitability towards it. An outstanding social sciences personal statement, or similar admissions essay for your chosen field, will maximize your chance of admission.

    What can a great essay or statement do for you? Consider the following:

    • Numbers like GPA and GRE scores will not differentiate you from a field of extremely qualified applicants.
    • A great essay can show not only why you’re qualified, but also why you’re passionate about your particular field.
    • A humanities or social sciences personal statement can lay the groundwork for an in-depth interview that increases your standing as an applicant

    Nowadays, it is often the personal statement graduate school admissions committees use more than any other part of the application when it comes to making difficult accept/reject decisions, so make sure yours stands out.

    Get Started Today and Improve Your Chance of Admission